Paradise is not a person, a place or a thing, but a moment, or many moments strung together in time. Make the choices that fill your life with the greatest of moments.”    - Stephen, Director TELT Projects

Life is short. Brutal. Beautiful. Filled with breathtaking moments. With overwhelming sadness and loss. With heart-bursting joy. TELT Projects is the creation of a team of two, Belinda and Stephen, who each bring a deep range of life experiences to the partnership: unique events that have marked rare journeys to personal growth and insight. Together they believe in cherishing as many joyful moments as life gifts.


To enable those seeking the extraordinary to possess the priceless.




Extraordinary Living

TELT Projects is passionate about creating the environment for Individuals, Families and Communities to live their most extraordinary lives.

By focussing on innovative living spaces and creative community conscious design, TELT aims to elevate your life to optimise your greatest moments.


TELT is passionate about filling the ever increasing need for environmentally conscious, mindful family living in the beating heart of our beautiful cities by designing townhouses that integrate all the conveniences of city dwelling while capturing wide open space in the heart of every home.

TELT teams specialise in returning tired, old homes to their days of former glory: innovating and repurposing space to create a beautiful, clever home with dramatically increased value.




Extraordinary Partnerships

TELT Projects creates choices outside of the standard model of a working society: Go to school. Get a good job. Work hard. Swap time for money.

TELT Projects creates wealth for their partners by carefully selecting properties within infrastructure supported growth markets and adding extreme value using creativity and insight to create extraordinary homes for extraordinary lives.

Specialising in creating win-win partnerships, TELT delivers you the freedom to choose how to spend your most valuable commodity. Time.


Joint Ventures


Passive cash flow

Project acquisition



Great people attract great people

The TELT team is distinguished by those who give only their best, aspire to constant growth and believe that everything is possible.

TELT Projects invests in unique, talented, solutions specialists who work together to create a whole that is larger than the individual. Passion, collaboration and lifestyle design are at the heart of every home, every investment and every day.

Allow the wealth of our relationships and teams to benefit you in building the spaces and freedoms that hold your greatest moments.


Belinda Beatty

A Royal Australian Air Force pilot of 15 years experience who has served overseas and developed a love of Papua New Guinea with its challenging mountainscapes and indomitable storms. Belinda is an adventurer who channeled her intensity into extraordinary flying and served with distinction, particularly in developing the next generation of military aviators. Belinda brings discipline and focus to TELT Projects and an endless drive to grow, improve and create the extraordinary. No limits. This extraordinary life together.

Stephen Feast

A Solutions Specialist who, when not immersed in property endeavours, enjoys applying his skills to the complexity of Precision Agriculture: serving the evolving needs of farmers and the challenges of changing seasons. Coupled with his experience in business development and managing multi-million dollar accounts, Stephen’s unique skillset provides creative angles to solve problems. He has an incredible ability to cut through the insignificant flotsam of everyday life and focus on deep joyful moments of significance, designing anextraordinary life moment by moment. No problem too big. No problem at all. This extraordinary life together



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